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About GHYC

Global Health Youth Connect is a youth-led non-profit organisation that aims to educate youth on global health challenges and empower them to grow as global citizens and leaders. We are affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of Melbourne.


To provide an opportunity for youths of the next generation to grow as global citizens and leaders, as well as bridge the gap in global health inequity.


To fill the educational gap in global health in our youths through raising awareness of the current and emerging global health challenges which we face and their potential solutions. 


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Meet the Execs

Meet the executives


Bing Xin Tan


Cofounder & President


Veronica Chu


Cofounder & Vice President


Planning Saw


Cofounder & Vice President


Je Min Suh




Indira Priyadarshini Senthil Ajeetha



Message from the co-founders

Depression. HIV. Cancer. Obesity. 


Each is a prominent global health challenge that humanity is facing at the moment. Yet the impact is not felt equally by all, many around the globe are affected disproportionately.


Global health is about worldwide health improvement, the reduction of disparities, and protection against diseases that transcend national borders. Given the complex and multifactorial nature of these challenges, the collaboration between different disciplines, from humanities to life sciences, is absolutely essential. 


Global health is important to all of us because these are issues that affect our health, science, economy and society. It also reveals the disparities in living standards, health care access and disease burden; it challenges one’s privilege through this stark contrast. With the increase in globalization, we must be prepared to be global citizens and this can only be done through having an understanding of the challenges others are facing around the globe. 


Global health requires a collective effort, however, before we can tackle these issues, we have to raise awareness of the significance of these global health challenges and this has to be done through education. Yet this is often not a priority in many schools, and we want to address this gap through our initiatives. Ultimately, our goal is to foster the growth of future generations of empathetic global citizens and innovative leaders.

- Bing Xin, Jessica, Planning, Ritchie, Veronica

Message from the co-founders
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