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About the Global Health Projects

Global Health Project is an original initiative delivered by our volunteers which aims to highlight the challenges in key health issues and raise awareness of such issues while creating a positive and sustainable impact in that issue.

Our goal

Our Global Health Project Initiatives aim to curate an innovative approach towards raising awareness of global health issues and coupled with this understanding, to encourage young people to step up to think and act critically about these larger than life issues. 
Instead of setting a fixed model on the type of initiative, we utilise the innovation of our young volunteers and their lived experience and shared perspectives to deliver an original project which is best fitting to that area of global health. Therefore, our volunteers consider the context and existing initiatives before deciding on an initiative that would be engaging for their targeted audience.   

Our rationale

Global health refers to the health of populations in the worldwide context and that represents a diverse range of individuals with their specific contexts which requires tailored solutions. In addition, it requires collaboration across multiple stakeholders such as those from academia, policymakers and industry experts. Most importantly, it should involve the individuals whose lives are being affected by such issues. Therefore, we hope to encourage initiatives that may involve partnerships with the scientific community, organisations, and individuals with lived experience in its implementation to ensure that their voices are shared with the wider community. By taking a flexible approach which utilises the creativity of young people, we hope to encourage approaches which would have a positive disruption and shed new perspectives to problem solving. 

Our process

The development of a Global Health Project occurs in 5 main stages with intra-organizational collaboration between different departments:


Discuss and brainstorm ideas that fits the desired demographic


Plan specific event details such as the event timeline, collaborating partners and alternative plans


Contacting external stakeholders involved and coordinating with the marketing, logistics and external affiliate teams


Arrange a mock run followed by execution of the actual event


Review the event to understand how it went, complications faced and improvements that can be made


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