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About the Interview with Experts

The Interview with Experts is a short video-based interview with global health leaders, clinicians, and researchers in various global health fields. The interviews bring to the surface the Expert's professional journey into their area, their understanding of complex global health issues, how they navigate it, why it is essential, and emerging health concerns and frontiers within their speciality. 

Our goal

The Interview with Experts team within Global Health Youth Connect ultimately wants to inspire youth to critically consider and develop an awareness of real global health issues, how to create impact in health beyond simply becoming a doctor or nurse, and the realities of being a health professional. Unpacking these complexities involves asking difficult questions about what success in health looks like, how to assist an increasingly united and diverse population, and even the significant challenges our leading health experts face. We also want to interest youth with some of the exceptional technologies and frontiers in health.

Our rationale

When navigating global health it can be overwhelming to know where to start and what’s going on in the world. To supplement our Global Health Masterclass, where we deep dive into 5 areas of global health, we believe that the Interviews with Experts will present a unique opportunity for students to realize the implications of what is taught in the Masterclass, in the real world.

We also believe that exposing students to the range of opportunities in global health and healthcare professions can help develop a profound sense of what resonates deepest with them and their existing desires to impact the world through health. Our Interview with Experts does just this, and we trust young adolescents can come to more thoughtful ideas about what is important to them and make a meaningful health impact.

Our Interviewees

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(2022 interviews not yet available)



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