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About the Masterclass Program

About the Masterclass program

Our goal

The Masterclass program aims to effectively bridge the educational gap in global health within youths by achieving a problem-solving, critical and innovative thinking mindset amongst students. It also aims to raise awareness of current and emerging global health challenges, to empower them to grow as leaders within healthcare as they go onto further study.

Our rationale

Raising awareness of global health issues can create a sense of social empowerment and efficacy within youth.  Global health is important to everyone as it involves understanding determinants of health, policy, economy and valuable stakeholders. As students start to understand the many challenges around the world, including disease burden, access to healthcare and health inequities, we can begin to instil an awareness of global cooperation and coordination.

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Our progress


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Participating schools

Our Progress

Student Testimonies

"The Global Health Youth Connect Masterclass really helped me gain a broader understanding on the concept of health, how it can look different for each individual, and the subtopics within the overarching theme of 'health'!"

Student testimonies
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